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SKU: 91002

500 ml / 16.9 fl oz

Professional Hair Straightening System

Formaldehyde  FREE

Ammonium Thioglycolate FREE

Ammonia FREE

Sodium Hydroxide FREE

Potassium Hydroxide FREE

pH PROTEIN BLONDE is a new revolutionary Protein &  Keratin Hair Straightening Therapy Complex specifically developed for delicate, damaged and blonde hair. It completely smooths and straightens the hair fiber, removes frizz and curls, reduces hair volume, and restores the natural hair shine, silkiness and softness.


1. Prevents and repairs hair cuticle damage

2. 100% Safe for health & hair

3. Bonds covalently to hair Keratin

4. Heals and moisturizes damaged hair

5. Reduces volume up to 100%

6. Elliminates frizzy hair

7. Anti-ageing and anti-breakage components

8. Enhances natural gloss of hair

Download DIRECTIONS FOR USE right here...

Read how pH PROTEIN BLONDE changed lives...

My hair used to look like a bunch of blonde threads put together on my head, until my beloved hairdresser showed me what pH PROTEIN BLONDE could do for me. And the rest is history... 

Mona Landower, TA, 2017

pH PROTEIN BLONDE fixed and conditioned my damaged hair in a way I never imagined a hair product could do.

Michal Bayer, TA, 2017

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