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At pH PROTEIN LAB we are constantly working to make life better. Yours, and your clients' health is our utmost priority. Thus, we keep developing 100% safe-to-use hair products, safe for the stylist, and safe for the clients.



A bit of history

pH PROTEIN LAB started putting its aims and dreams together back in 2007, after more than 20 years of research and development looking for hair products that would be safe to use and healthy to work with. 

As a professional team of Chemists and Scientists, our vision was, and always will be to create new powerful products that heal, nourish and beautify the hair fiber, while strengthening its natural Keratin components, harmlessly and seamlessly.

This is who we are

We are developing laboratory with a strict formulating compliance whereby we will only formulate with natural, organic & at times synthetic ingredients that are not known to be cancer causing or endocrine disrupting ingredients.


Our products are manufactured with FDA and internationally approved ingredients, and they've proven to be 100% safe for health & hair.

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