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SKU: 91008

1000 ml / 33.8 fl oz

Professional Hair Straightening System

Formaldehyde  FREE

Ammonium Thioglycolate FREE

Ammonia FREE

Sodium Hydroxide FREE

Potassium Hydroxide FREE

pH PRO CORTEX FORTE is a new revolutionary Protein &  Keratin Hair Straightening Therapy Complex specifically developed for delicate, thin and blonde hair. It straightens the hair fiber up to 70%, helps opening tight curls in a fast, easy and 100% healthy way. Reduces hair volume and eliminates frizz.


1. Prevents and repairs hair cuticle damage

2. 100% Safe for health & hair

3. 50% - 70% hair straightening

4. Heals and moisturizes damaged hair

5. Reduces hair volume

6. Elliminates frizzy hair

7. Enhances natural gloss of hair

Download DIRECTIONS FOR USE right here...

From curls to straight waves...

I've been using PRO CORTEX FORTE in my hair salon for over two years now, with excellent results. I use it on my clients' hair when they want to open up tight curls, or just for healing purposes. It's a great product.

Ritta Simons, TA, 2017

Sharon Argaman, TA, 2016

PRO CORTEX is so easy to work with! I usually apply it on my clients' damaged curls and it restores the hair immediately. Plus it doesn't have a strong smell, neither releases unhealthy steams.

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