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pH Straight-1 & Neutral-2

pH Straight-1 & Neutral-2

SKU: 91001 & 91009

400 ml / 13.5 fl oz

Permanent Hair Straightening System

Formaldehyde  FREE

Paraben FREE

Sodium Hydroxide FREE

Potassium Hydroxide FREE

pH Straight-1 & Neutral-2 are two inseparable parts of our Permanent Hair Straightening System. The Permanent Straightening therapy is an amazing system that creates beautiful, straight, sleek & smooth hair. 

pH's input on these products makes them healthier for yours, and your clients' hair. So if you are going for hair straightening, go for pH!


1. Permanent Hair Straightening

2. Gets rid of kinks, curls and waves

3. Restores hair fiber's appearance

Download DIRECTIONS FOR USE right here...

Talking about Permanent...

I always dreamt of a sleeky, shiny, straight hair, and was always afraid of trying any straightening system, until I asked my hair stylist. He recommended me the Straight-1&Neutral-2 procedure without a blink. The truth? My hair never looked more stunning! 

Bella Hirsch, TA, 2017

When talking about permanent hair straightening procedures, there's nothing like pH's system. Easy to work with, practical and with amazing results!

Ben Carmel , PT, 2017

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